Family Ties

Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) Services:

Family Ties is a Licensed Provider approved to provide all services under the Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA) program, including family assessments, wrap around services and adolescent assessments. Family Ties, Inc. assists families in the skill and resource development necessary to safely maintain children in their home.


Vision for Family Preservation Services:

Family Ties, Inc. will assist families in the skill and resource development necessary to safely maintain children in their home. Our philosophy is that each family has the ability to address any situation they may face. We believe that with proper support, education and encouragement, families can establish goals and values that guide them in their development. We believe that values drive action and growth toward true behavioral change. We believe the best place for this growth is within the home and with the support of community resources.

CPS and Ongoing Services


(551-79b) Brief Intervention/Diversion – Provides short term (10 hours) in-home parenting training and other brief intervention services to address immediate problems, for families where there is little or no safety risk to the child.

(573-72h) Parent Aide Services (In home case-management):  Services to provide case management assistance to families in completing the defined goals and steps of their Case Plan. Services may include coordinating community resources, coordinating/ supervising visitation, and drug screens of the parent/caregiver.

(571-61a) In-Home Intensive- Therapeutic and/or clinical services: For a family in preparation for the safe return of a child, and/or to maintain and stabilize a child’s current placement.

(571-61c) Homestead Purposeful Visit: Comprehensive Case Management Services.

(573-63a-g) Safe Care®An evidence-based parent-training curriculum,  that provides direct skill training to parents in child behavior management, activity planning, home safety, and child health care to prevent child maltreatment.

(521-50/PUP) Counseling: Individual, child, family,  drug/alcohol abuse and martial counseling.

(521-51b/PUP)  Drug Screen (urine):  Family Ties offers a 10 Panel point of use urinalysis test for on-site detection of (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol/Marijuana,  (MTD)Methadone, (OPI)Opiates, (PCP)Phencyclidine,  (BAR) Barbiturates,  (BZD) Benzodiazepines), (OXY) Oxycodone,  (COC) Cocaine, (AMP)Amphetamine, (M-AMP) Methamphetamine

(521-51b /PUP) Alcohol Screens:  Alcohol screens are conducted orally, using a saliva alcohol testing protocol

(521-51e/PUP) Court Appearance



(511-29a-29o) (CCFA) Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment:  Detailed assessment conducted for children entering foster care. The assessment begins with gathering pertinent information from various sources that will support service planning and decision-making regarding the safety, permanency, and well-being of children, youth, and families.

(518-56a) Transportation: This is solely for the purposes of transporting family/children to and from services and does not include participation in any supervised visits.  If supervision is required for a visit, please include *(518-71b)

(518-71a) In-Home Case Management Clinical: Provides clinical services to assist children and families in meeting the defined permanency goals (i.e., reunification, adoption, custody to relative, guardianship) and steps as outlined in the case plan.

(518-71b) In-Home Case Management Paraprofessional: Provides case management assistance to families in completing the goals and steps of their Case Plan.

(521-51-54) Psychological Evaluation: Conducted by a licensed psychologist, who through the use of clinical interviewing techniques and psychological batteries, will evaluate an individual or family’s social, intellectual and/or psychological well-being.

(518-95a) In-Home Intensive Clinical/Therapeutic: Therapeutic and/or Clinical services: For a family in preparation for the safe return of a child, and/or to maintain and stabilize a child’s current placement.

(518-47a) Crisis Intervention/ Prevent Disruption Clinical:  Provides an immediate service to stabilize a volatile family situation, which may result in a child’s current placement being disrupted and/or the child being at risk of re-entering foster care. This service places a Therapist in the home.

(518-24b) Crisis Intervention/ Prevent Disruption Paraprofessional: Same as above, but provides a paraprofessional in the home.

(518-47a) Crisis Intervention Behavioral Clinical: provides immediate services of therapy and/or counseling to stabilize and manage the behavior of a child, which may result in his/her current placement being at imminent risk of disruption and/or the child being at risk of re-entering foster care.

(518-47b) Crisis Intervention Behavioral Paraprofessional: behavior aides for child; parent aid services and/or parenting classes, coordinating and facilitating family conferences and addressing discipline issues.

(518-88a) Court Appearance Testimony Therapist                                  (518-88b) Court Appearance Paraprofessional

 *Repairing the Bonds:  Adolescent crisis program in Dekalb County, designed to prevent adolescents from coming into care and reunifying adolescents with their families.  Services include individual and Family counseling and groups.


(521-52) Assessments:

Home Evaluation: Detailed assessment and study on the home of a child’s placement resource.

Parenting Assessment:  A comprehensive process that identifies a parent’s strengths and needs and provides specific recommendations to assist the parent in becoming the best parent they can.

Parental Fitness: Conducted by a Licensed Psychologist to assess and identify aspects of a parent’s lifestyle and habits that may impact their ability to properly parent their child.

Domestic Violence: An assessment designed to determine if there is intimate partner violence in a relationship and, if so, to determine the appropriate services for the persons who are assessed.

Substance Abuse drug/alcohol: Utilizing the SASSI screening tool to identify high or low probability of substance or alcohol dependence disorder and provide clinical insight into level of treatment needed.  Includes an initial drug screen (urine).

Anger Management:  A comprehensive assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the areas of anger and impulse control, overall level of aggressiveness,  the ability to manage stress and stressful situations, anger expression and the capacity for change and motivation to improve.