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Family Ties has been a huge success this past week for one of my students and their family.  This student has a history of suicidal ideation with a plan for the last several weeks/months. I have had to send her home a handful of times the last few weeks.  Mom hasn’t taken any steps towards counseling but was okay with me making a school-based mental health referral last week.  Family Ties picked it up immediately, did the assessment the next day based on the referral and is already in the works of setting up virtual sessions.

 They are also seeing another student with APEX funds, free of charge, because the student has out of state insurance based on Dad’s employer and is super limited on any affordable options in GA.

“I’m sure you know Melanie C at your agency. She’s awesome. She’s the therapist for one of my students that needed a place to live by today, because his mother is moving into a senior apartment community. We teamed up & met a couple of times to discuss placement options that we’ve researched and contacted. She was so persistent and got him a bed at the Covenant House last night. I’m so happy for my student and relieved. Just wanted to highlight one of your own. ☺“️

“Good afternoon, I want to brag on you. Ms. Candace expressed great pleasure with working with you and that she knows you were heaven sent. She expressed she is very thankful and looks forward to change that will be brought forth in her and her daughter’s life because of your service.
Again, thank you for servicing families. We appreciate it.
Kindly, DHS Case Manager”

It is with much pleasure that I write to you singing the praises of Jasmine Newsome.  Our commitment to raising children that have experienced trauma has always been a roller coaster.  We have clung together in the hard times and enjoyed the thrill of success when we experience forward progress.  We are a strong family knitted close together with faith and fun!  However, there are times in the journey of healing where professionals are required.  In one of our darkest times with our youngest son, Jasmine arrived – without a cape, but a hero none the less!
Within a week of meeting XXX, Jasmine came to our house on a weekend and way after hours to help us calm and make difficult decisions for our dysregulated son.  We were at the brink, staring over the edge and called her for advice.  I was beyond comforted when she came, gave confident direction for the immediate situation, and provided us with some next step options.  We chose to take him to an acute facility that night with Jasmine leading the way.  That gut-wrenching decision was made easier by Jasmine’s confident support.
In the weeks and months following, Jasmine quickly became a trusted part of our family’s circle.  She saw not only XXX but also our son XXX on a weekly basis.  She has always been on time, yet flexible when our schedule stretched.  She is relational, intentional, creative, and fun with the boys.  We have all come to believe that she can make any game therapeutic!  I am thankful beyond measure for her honest assessments and new and engaging ways to teach the boys (and me) new skills.
Soon Jamael was added to the team to help XXX with some behavior goals.  Jamael is another one of our heroes, but as his gifts pertain to Jasmine, they work together as a cooperative team.  I never have to explain one thing to the other because it is obvious that they talk and collaborate for the benefit of XXX.  They are a united front!
And then COVID-19 hit.  As quarantine became a reality, XXX went to long-term care.  Jasmine continued to support our family as she helped XXX through all the emotions of XXX emotional damage at home and helped him try to make sense of the separation.  Honestly, she never skipped a beat. From the first hint at virtual therapy, she talked about ways that she could use tools in the home to bridge her plans. As virtual became reality she used on-line games, but quickly found success with Mindcraft.  Yes, she found a therapeutic way to use virtual building to understand and help XXX with his fears surrounding safety and security.  Sometimes she even uses “Brady Bunch” shows to process emotions with him.  Jasmine has constantly adapted and used brilliant creativity to deliver effective care!  I couldn’t be more grateful!
As XXX has transitioned back into our home, I knew that I could depend on Jasmine to support him and us as we develop the best strategies to help and heal XXX while continuing to meet the emotional and mental wellness needs of everyone in our home.  She is truly a gem and our family is thankful beyond measure!
Thank you for your time and for your support of this extraordinary young woman,  In my opinion, she lives what she was meant to do every day.  Those of us that receive the benefit of her education, experience, and willingness to grow and learn on behalf of her clients are just plain blessed!
With gratitude, XXXs Mom

Thank you so much, Teddie! It is so great to hear that this experience was beneficial for XXX and that he learned a lot from his parenting classes with you. He and his parents have both told me that since begin working with you, he has been able to bond so much better with his daughter.

Thank you for everything! I have another parent who will most likely need parenting classes soon and I definitely will reach out to you about that soon!

 Cobb Social Services Case Manager

Good morning Mrs. Gilbert, I wanted to give you a HUGE thank you!! You were amazing and those tips that you shared will be so beneficial to our students and families.

Mrs. Settles, Thank you again for your assistance this past Saturday with the resource fair!  I appreciate your patience and flexibility! Also Mrs. Gilbert was amazing.  Family Ties is really doing some great things and I learned a lot!  THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Jameika Clarita Dooley, You Go Girl

“Wanted to send an e-mail to express how very grateful we have been to be able to have Jasmine Newsome working in Forsyth County Schools.  Jasmine from the first day she has started has shown a positive attitude, professional communication, and warm interaction with staff and students alike.  Although I personally have not worked closely with Jasmine this year, I know that she is completely amazing due to the fact that every time I speak with one of the 8 school counselors that work with her during the week, they continue to share what a phenomenal job she is doing! Jasmine communicates with all involved with the student to help them to be successful.  At the elementary level, the counselors report, Jasmine is timely, builds relationship with the school as well as making am impact with students.  At our middle school level, one counselor said that both the parent and school have seen an increase in a students self-esteem and attitude since she has been working with Jasmine this year.  Thank you for hiring Jasmine and her work with us! She is doing amazing works to help students! 😊”

Amy Gamez